My clients are all successful, without exception. It is my privilege to be in a position to help them kick their MOJO into gear and observe as they achieve their goals and aspirations. As much as they learn and grow in the process, I also learn exponentially about myself as a coach, consultant and person. Never has this been truer than in my working relationship with actress and film maker Alexandra Boyd from New Thirty Pictures.

Inspired by the true story of Olympic Gold medal winning boxer Harry Mallin and the Eton Manor Boys Club in Hackney Wick, Alexandra found her voice as a screenwriter, director and producer. The words and cinematic images tumbled from Alexandra’s imagination onto the script pages of her first feature film, The Wilderness, with great ease. Yet, despite unarguable talent and a celebrity contact list that would make Piers Morgan wet his pants, bringing this project to fruition has been fraught with setbacks and disappointments.

Unsurprisingly, Alexandra’s resolve fell a few times over the last few years and we’ve worked together to build her back up. Earlier this week, Alexandra took another major step towards fulfilling her dreams when she screened her short film Boxer on the Wilderness, a teaser for the feature film, at BAFTA in London. She was able to make this short, in large part, through contributions made via the crowd-funding platform, as well as pro-bono contributions from award winning artists, musicians and filmmakers.

What motivated each of the funders and artistic contributors, many of them strangers, to get involved in such a mammoth project with no obvious compensation? The answer is simple. They wanted to be part of Alexandra’s MOJO – the perfect fusion of passion, purpose and flow in its finest form.

  • An absolute, liberated, deep in the soul passion for the story, the characters, and the art of film-making
  • An unfaltering single minded sense of purpose – a complete understanding of why she is doing this that guides her decisions and keeps the doubts and naysayers, intent on taking her off-track, at bay
  • The creation of a community in sustained flow – an infinite cycle of joy, creativity, complete immersion doing what you love doing – being surrounded by people loving what they’re doing. As Alexandra’s passion and purpose for her film project began to attract others, it created a boundless cycle of forward traveling flow that continues to enchant and inspire everyone it touches.

Collectively these three elements have kept Alexandra on course during even the darkest moments. They’ve helped to create a tribe of supporters whose primary motivation is to be part of the journey – to flavour their own lives and work with more MOJO and more success. I’ve been inspired by Alexandra’s MOJO, her commitment and her art. Boxer on the Wilderness was screened at The Princess Anne Theatre at BAFTA to 161 backers, industry VIPS and World Champion boxers. If you’d like to be injected with a little bit of Alexandra’s inspiring MOJO making in action, check out a recording of the event by logging onto