The Art of HUMAN ENGAGEMENT for Better Health.

Bridging humanity and business for better patient engagement and health outcomes.

We hear a lot about patient-inclusion and patient-engagement, with the intent of bringing the patient straight into the heart of healthcare development and delivery.

On the plus side, patients want to be heard and the pharmaceutical industry and other healthcare organizations sincerely want to support them. On the downside, there continues to be a disconnect in patient/industry engagement, leaving a critical gap in the information and advocacy that could significantly improve health outcomes. This is where Emerald Green Health Consulting can help you.


Emerald Green Health Consulting brings the human touch to the business of healthcare.

Whether you work for a pharma company, an NGO, or a patient organisation, the state of our health, and the fundamental basic human need for good health, is what we ALL have in common.

It’s that shared need, our basic humanity, that can unite us together toward improved standards of healthcare for all.

By facilitating authentic dialogue between patient advocates, policy makers, healthcare providers and the pharmaceutical industry, we help create invaluable relationships between people – not just brands. 

These are relationships built on trust, mutual understanding, shared accountability and empowered action.

Our approach to Human Engagement evolves mind sets and encourages behaviours that turn patient engagement from just another business exercise into real opportunities for deeper collaboration and sustainable change. 

“Anne-Marie’s charm and warmth was a breath of fresh air! Her friendly approach to our meeting and issues as a patient group gave me the confidence to share my family’s experiences with our disease and the health care system. She asked questions of worth to create a meeting of value. Anne-Marie designed and facilitated our meeting to guide our group gently, but firmly, towards tangible conclusions. The whole “Anne-Marie experience” was one I would recommend not only to patients, but to anyone in the health care or patient advocacy field.”

Joanna Halliday

Member, Canadian Hemophilia Society


Our services include:

Emerald Green Health Consulting partners with leaders who have a specific remit to inform health policy and empower patient advocates. We work collaboratively to create human-centered patient engagement strategies, health policy and advocacy campaigns that can run across global, European and/or national platforms. We also help health industry leaders to create and sustain the cultural transformation required to ensure that true patient-inclusivity is integrated throughout every part of their business.

We design and facilitate multi-stakeholder and Patient Group meetings with a specific interest in driving health advocacy and public policy. Our meetings are individually designed to meet the specific interests and needs of each stakeholder involved in the discussion. Thus, ensuring there is alignment on the value and intent of each event before people sit at the table. Areas we’ve recently developed include storytelling to highlight the patients’ experience; exploring the burden of treatment; designing the optimal future for health; achieving global consensus on optimal Standards of Care; addressing capability needs among developing patient organisations; supporting patient participation in clinical trials; creation of information materials to drive policy and advocacy campaigns; and more. Participant feedback has regularly praised our meetings as being the best they’ve ever attended – “informative, inspiring, and creative with immediate and long lasting results.”

We work with you to understand the objectives of your health policy, engagement and advocacy function(s), assess the skills and capabilities required to deliver those objectives and support the development of your team and/or other stakeholders to make them happen. This work is bespoke to your specific needs and resources, but may take the form of Masterclass Training, one off expert speaker events, individual and/or team coaching or candidate reviews/interviews. (Not an exhaustive list ).

Creating any kind of change takes a huge amount of internal energy and resolution. Trying to change attitudes, policies and practices that affect patient healthcare and outcomes within the context of today’s socio, political and economic environment is, at best, overwhelming – at worse, soul destroying.  We provide one to one and group coaching for leaders and project teams who want to increase their effectiveness and chances for business success, while also restoring and reviving their own personal MOJO.

“Anne-Marie is a trusted and powerful partner that helped take my team and our function to a new level of strategic and creative thinking. Beginning a new senior leadership role, I found a demotivated team that worked in silos, a vague remit and a business sceptical of the value of our department. I needed the support of a trusted external consultant and I turned to Anne-Marie because of her extensive experience in strategy, coupled with her unique perspective as an executive coach. She not only understood our function but was also deeply sensitive to the team’s need for reassurance and motivation during the ongoing changes. Together, we achieved a remarkable transformation within 18 months. The team now supports one another, building ideas together, each with a clear vision of the remit and an understanding of how to work together at a higher strategic level. Our work has created an amazing buzz throughout the whole organization. I can highly recommend Anne-Marie to anyone.”

Yvette Venable

Head, Global Market Access and Public Policy

“…I’ve had the opportunity to participate in several patients’ meetings and I can say that this was one of the best I’ve ever attended.”

Souzi Makri

Former Chair, Global Market Access and Public Policy

“…we would like to thank Anne-Marie for the professional facilitation, for the creativity and the inspiration…”

Global Patient Group Meeting Participant


The Art of HUMAN ENGAGEMENT for Health.

Bridging humanity and business for better patient engagement and health outcomes.

Engaging people based on their humanity isn’t as easy or obvious as it sounds. It involves a complete reframing of the approach to engagement. It requires expertise in behavior, communication, psychology, change, public policy and health advocacy gathered over years of experience. It demands deep clarity and commitment to the end game – improved health outcomes. Critically, it needs the creative vision to turn engagement into an art form. That’s why Emerald Green Health Consulting focuses solely on The Art of Human Engagement for Better Health.

Our mission at Emerald Green Health Consulting is to facilitate meaningful relationships & authentic dialogue between patient advocates, policy makers, healthcare providers and the pharmaceutical industry. To do this, we work in the space where humanity & business interconnect. 

This is where noise from competing stakeholders & opposing influencers are quietened. Where people can honestly listen to & hear each other – one human to another. This is where egos are put aside & real human connections are made. THIS is where we take actions that can make a real difference to people’s lives.

  • We work with you to understand the objectives of your business as they relate to patient engagement, advocacy & health policy. We then co-create Human Engagement strategies to solicit the most authentic patient stories, facilitate sustainable collaboration between involved stakeholders & create actionable results.
  • Uniquely, our training in psychology & behavioural change enables us to create immediate rapport & trust among all parties. Using human-centered communication, we’re able to quickly get people behind a shared vision & facilitate the understanding of goals across diverse stakeholders.
  • We use a blend of creative & non-traditional design thinking methodologies to bring together people from multiple countries, functions & languages. From here we can create a shared lexicon & consensus which form the basis for impactful advocacy & public policy campaigns.
  • Emerald Green Health Consulting pride ourselves on remaining neutral no matter who’s paying the bill. And let’s remember, neutral doesn’t mean negative. It does mean that we work hard to remove our own conscious & unconscious bias wherever possible. It also means we will not, under any circumstance, drive one stakeholder’s agenda at the cost of anyone else’s.

We aim to:

  • Enter every engagement with whole-hearted compassion and curiosity
  • Listen first, then listen again
  • Push beyond the status quo to co-design new futures & possibilities
  • Get under the skin of the matter to work toward driving sustained change & actionable results
  • Establish transparency & respect for everyone involved, including their commercial & non-commercial interests
  • Create environments that are relaxed, safe & gratifying to work within

“…We’ve met as a group several times over the years and this is the first time we’ve done more than talk and make promises to do something later. Before the end of day one, we had a call to action, group twitter and FaceBook accounts, consensus and an action plan. Anne-Marie’s style made us feel immediately relaxed, but she also kept up the pace. She’s warm and funny, but she kept us focused and on track the whole way…”, 

Global Patient Group Meeting Participant


Emerald Green Health Consulting

Emerald Green Health Consulting is led by Anne-Marie Rodriguez de Killeen, a highly sought after Engagement Consultant, Coach, Facilitator and multi award-winning Communicator. Over the past 20 years, she has worked with a range of Blue Chip pharmaceutical companies, Government Agencies and Not-for-Profits including, AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithkline, Roche, the NHS and WHO. The scope of her work has included award winning global health and disease awareness campaigns, patient engagement and advocacy programs, national and European wide public policy initiatives and patient access programs. She’s also held board level positions within some of the world’s premier healthcare communications agencies, including Ogilvy Healthworld UK and Chandler Chicco Agency UK. 

In addition to her wealth of experience in healthcare communications, public policy and patient engagement, Anne-Marie is an ICF accredited Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and facilitator using an array of creativity and design thinking methodologies. In 2009, Anne-Marie founded Ruby Red Coaching & Consulting® to revolutionize the way we work, so that together, we can improve the way the world lives. Emerald Green Health Consulting’s work is an extension of this mission with a focus on enhancing lives through improved standards of healthcare for all.

For more information about Anne-Marie’s previous experience click here or visit LinkedIn.

“Thank you for your outstanding contribution to making the Global Patient Forum a true success. I am inspired by your energy, the dedication and thoroughness of your preparation, and your skillful (flexible) facilitation. You are exceptional and I thank you.” André Trottier

Senior International Health Policy Leader