Services That Mobilize Your MOJO


MOJO is one of those words that’s shifted in meaning many times down the years. Throughout the modern age however, it has given a name to something unnamable: a knack, a sudden unconscious ability, seeing and seizing a moment when everything comes together.

A quality, often elusive, that sets a person, team or organization apart from everyone else.

Others might call it flow, some your passion, others “the buzz” or being “in the zone”. I call it your MOJO.

When an individual or group finds their MOJO, they hit their professional sweet spot. It’s that moment when creative electricity flows seamlessly throughout their work experience, into their personal lives and straight back into their work again. That is when you know you’ve finally created a working live worth living™.

It’s the juice that turns a job into a vocation. A career into a love affair. A company into a market leader. When MOJO is in play exceptional performance and profitable outcomes are inevitable.

However, in times of change, uncertainty, stress, stagnation or even success, it can seem impossible to find your MOJO let alone shift it into gear. This is true regardless of your place in the pecking order from fledgling associate to the suited and booted CEO. And it’s as true for the teams and organisations within which they work and lead.

Help is at hand. My combination of MOJOvational coaching, consulting & facilitation services help people navigate a soul satisfying path to professional & personal success. In addition to my signature Leadership & Development coaching programmes, I help organisations and their leaders find & ignite their MOJO based on these three key principles:



Articulating a shared strategic vision of the purpose and goals of the organisation, as well as, its brands or services


Empowering a strong corporate culture based on the foundations of honest communication and shared values


Developing a suite of resources – communication, coaching and capability development – required for your people to achieve their potential, securing measurable and sustainable results

I do this through a unique mix of senior business experience, award winning communications and creative expertise & training in psychology, neuroscience and behavioural change.

Ready to mobilize your purpose & passions & exceed your potential?

Great leadership isn’t about directing or controlling systems, it’s about connecting and empowering. It’s about human engagement and honesty.

My goal is to help you make the mental, emotional and behavioural shifts necessary to become the kind of leader you always wanted to follow. Confident, effective and inspiring, you can be a catalyst for transformation that is aligned with your own core values, as well as the vision and strategies of the company.

Research has demonstrated that collaborating in teams can increase motivation, effort and productivity. Individual performance is critical, but when talented people become a successful team – when they’ve got their MOJO in full flow and are bouncing off each other for energy and ideation – the potential for positive change and productivity is mind blowing.

I help a diverse range of teams, at all levels, become high functioning and high performing in the shortest time possible.

“…She understood me quickly including the environment I work within. She challenged me which I appreciated. She has enthusiasm and an honest desire to facilitate change for the better… I love her energy… it rubs off on everyone… it’s infectious…”

Sarah Savage, Senior Medical Education Consultant

Change isn’t easy. If it was there wouldn’t be an entire industry dedicated to its management. However, continuous change and evolution is what has kept us alive and prospering since time began. Clearly we humans are pretty good at it, otherwise we wouldn’t still be here. But why then, do some companies win while others consistently go from crisis to crisis?

I work with leadership and management teams to design MOJO inspiring change and engagement programmes that help people do great things.

The dreaded corporate away day. Whether it’s death by powerpoint or some enforced jollity involving potato sack races, participants often disengage and little changes once back at their desks.

I deliver leadership, development and engagement workshops with a difference. Using elements of design thinking and the transformative power of play, I create facilitated experiences with real purpose – to improve communication, innovation, problem solving and collaboration.

Are you ready to lead your own revolution? Let’s chat!