Why MOJOvate?

The average person will spend around 100,000 hours at work during
their lifetime. 

That’s a very long time to be doing anything that isn’t purposeful, fulfilling, fun & profitable. However, in today’s high pressure and often hostile business environments, it can feel like we’re spending all of our time trying to survive in an ocean full of sharks instead of doing the job that we’re actually employed to do.

Meanwhile, life can feel like a series of responsibilities without the pleasure of stress free time to enjoy them. It becomes difficult to remember why you were so passionate about this career to begin with, so why bother?

Organisations aren’t immune to the ebb and flow of MOJO either. Management change, restructuring, overstretched leaders & poor communication are just some of the drivers which can lead to substandard employee experiences and a cycle of unsatisfactory performance.

It’s no wonder innovation becomes sluggish and creativity hits the rails. Everyone seems to be working, begrudgingly, all of the time, yet little gets done & no one seems interested in doing anything to make things better. What can we expect of a customer experience created in a corporate environment like this?

Under these circumstances, finding and mobilizing your Personal & Corporate MOJO isn’t an indulgence, it’s a business imperative.

Want to transform your employee & customer experience?

Want to transform your employee & customer experience?

Everybody recognises MOJO working when they see and feel it. When your employee’s experience is maximised they become the conduit for great customer experiences. Your customers will want to stick around to get more of the same for as long as possible.

I fundamentally believe that everybody wants to do a good job. In fact, they can do a GREAT job with the right tools:

  • Human-centred leadership
  • A compelling vision and unifying sense of purpose
  • Honest communication
  • Shared and consistent values
  • Meaningful relationships
  • Clear and challenging goals
  • Quality information and commitment to developmental support
  • A work environment that empowers play, creativity & collaboration as part of the process of innovation

My core mission is to empower people…

to fulfil their true soul-satisfying potential while doing the best work of their careers.

I can help your organisation navigate through change and challenging times by empowering employees to meet these challenges. Whether I’m coaching key individuals, facilitating team workshops or creating change strategies, my bespoke development and engagement programmes will ignite and MOJOvate.

Ready to lead your own MOJO revolution?

Ready to lead your own MOJO revolution?