Workshop Design & Facilitation

The dreaded corporate away day. Whether it’s death by powerpoint or some enforced jollity involving potato sack races, participants often disengage and little changes once back at their desks.

I deliver leadership, development & engagement workshops with a difference. Using elements of design thinking and the transformative power of play, I create facilitated experiences with real purpose – to improve communication, innovation, problem solving & collaboration.

Traditional business culture tells us that professional adults shouldn’t be playful in work, that it’s frivolous & unproductive. However neuroscience has unequivocally proven that the qualities we hone on the playground – socialisation, creativity, collaboration – are precisely the skills we need for success in the workplace. Being playful in mindset and approach brings new possibilities, perspectives & ideas. Ultimately, play always serves a purpose. We play for results!

My goal is to spark your collective MOJO by introducing an element of playfulness back into the way leaders and teams think about themselves and their work. This uncovers true meaning and insight in a complex and rapidly changing world.

All of my workshops are tailor-made to the business and its people. I use a variety of creative facilitation and engagement techniques to enable each team to achieve its full potential. I am one of a small group of people based in the UK who are Accredited to design and facilitate workshops using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and Points of You® methodologies.

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Here are a few of the topics and challenges my clients and I have recently tackled together:

  • Enhancing communication and collaboration across teams located in different countries and speaking different languages
  • Injecting creativity and innovation into daily work and problem solving
  • Designing new working models across multidisciplinary teams to enhance collaboration, capabilities and ideation
  • Shaping corporate purpose, vision and values, as well as the strategies to get there
  • Managing and improving difficult relationships with clients or colleagues
  • Designing organizational change
  • Becoming authentic leaders
  • Developing human-centred line management
  • Aligning personal passions with corporate vision
  • Managing stress and navigating through conflict

“Simple, impactful, fun and importantly effective – a wonderfully valuable session for a rapidly evolving organisation that needed some ‘compass setting’.

Who would have thought a day with the senior team would involve the articulation of our company leadership strategy through LEGO® bricks? Structured ‘play’ enabled us to tackle real business challenges together through a channel we usually suppress or ignore in the work environment.

The results were immediate, far-reaching and long-lasting. We have a fresh approach to leadership development that has positively impacted relationships not only internally across the wider organisation, but more importantly, with our clients. Thank you, Anne-Marie!”

Dr Afua Basoah, formally Managing Director, Apothecom ScopeMedical

Other Services

Great leadership isn’t about directing or controlling systems, it’s about connecting and empowering. It’s about human engagement and honesty.

My goal is to help you make the mental, emotional & behavioural shifts necessary to become the kind of leader you always wanted to follow. Confident, effective & inspiring, you can be a catalyst for transformation that is aligned with your own core values, as well as the vision and strategies of the company.

Research has demonstrated that collaborating in teams can increase motivation, effort & productivity. Individual performance is critical. But, when talented people become a successful team – when they’ve got their MOJO in full flow and are bouncing off each other for energy and ideation – the potential for positive change and productivity is mind blowing.

I help a diverse range of teams, at all levels, become high functioning and high performing in the shortest time possible.

Change isn’t easy. If it was there wouldn’t be an entire industry dedicated to its management. However, continuous change and evolution is what has kept us alive and prospering since time began. Clearly we humans are pretty good at it, otherwise we wouldn’t still be here. But why then, do some companies win while others consistently go from crisis to crisis?

I work with leadership and management teams to design MOJO inspiring change and engagement programmes that help people do great things.